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Sew a scrunchie

How to sew a scrunchie

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– Accessible project for beginners
– Adult & Child size
– Step by step in pictures in this article
– Sewing technique: Sheath

Video link to learn how to sew a scrunchie:

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Great novelty, I am starting as a director !!? yes, yes, this time I’m filming while I sew ! This allows me a little more autonomy to program my next tutorials. It is always my dear and loving companion who takes care of the assembly, but maybe one day, I could take care of it too!

Today, I offer a special beginner tutorial: the scrunchie !! I have seen a method everywhere for sewing this project, but without using the so-called « sheath » technique. For those who do not yet know, you will quickly understand its usefulness. In ready-to-wear, it is regularly used in lined clothing (top, dress) whose shoulder length is too narrow. Maybe one day we can study it in a video tutorial or during a live !

To sew a scrunchie :

. Child : 15 ‘ 3/4″ x 3 ‘ 15/16″ fabric + 5 ‘ 29/32″ elastic
. Adult : 19 ‘ 11/16″ x 5 ‘ 28/32″ fabric + 7 ‘ 7/8″cm elastic

In addition to the video, I made a small guide in pictures! Do not hesitate to share it on social networks.

This sewing project can be sewn with a child, because it is an accessible realization for beginners. Little if I had been offered to sew with an adult, I would have loved it, because I think it is a moment of sharing. Besides, I would have been proud to wear my creation at school.

Choose a nice fabric, preferably non-stretch cotton for beginners. You can use cotton poplin, this material has the particularity of being very soft, and not stretchy, just like cotton satin.

Regarding the elastic, take a width of 1 cm. Do not hesitate to recover on a garment that you do not want to keep! Set aside a safety pin, as it will be very useful for sliding the elastic into the scrunchie!

I can’t wait to see the photos of your lovely creations. To do this, remember to identify myself on social networks using the hashtag #atelieralaska. So I will have the chance to see your photos at any time of the day (social networks reference the photos of profiles defined in public mode).

Happy sewing !!


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